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Protected: Day 24: Dear Mom and Dad

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So all i needed was some bribes?

You may have known or not that my parents have arrived for their annual family holiday with the kids..
the kids being my brother and myself, and annual.. well.. every Christmas we make an effort to come together, mostly either in Australia or in Qatar, although sometimes we venture to other continents.

They arrived on the 15th of November and leave on the 30th December.
Now I though that they wouldn’t be coming this time because my brother gets married in April and they are coming over for that.
HOWEVER my parents are relishing in the idea of TWO trips to Australia.

Lots of family time.

Now since we have just emerged out of winter, the garden had a much larger proportion of weeds than it normally does, and well to put it nicely, dad is a garden fanatic.

I spent the last three weekends prior to them arriving doing gardening.
I even held a GARDENING PARTY with some friends. We all had a good laugh at Fez who misread the invite and thought he was coming to a GARDEN Party, and came with his girlfriend in their Saturday best.

Here is something that sums up a little about growing up in Africa and my weed problems..

You want me to do WHAT?!?

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I had an interesting and fairly unusual situation with a child and their parents at work this week.
I’m not legally allowed to write here what happened, but let’s just say that I’m more than happy with the way I handled it and the final outcome.

My workplace thought I was fantastic too, which is always a bonus.
So much stress, holidays still just that little too far away..

Serious Conversations

Yup, I totally get this ability from my parents.

Here is two excerpts from the latest serious skype conversation between my brother, his fiance and I, with my parents.

Dad has just asked if I’ve got any injuries, and while I start telling him about my spinal cord injury, he gets distracted by something he’s doing. The magic flying carpet.

Oh dear! He still has no clue about the severity of it. Typical Sea Captain.

Sea Captain says “OH!”

Sending some birthday love towards this beardy man otherwise known as EVIL NeeeEVILe. aka Dad.
Hope you are enjoying exploring the English countryside with Mom.

Here’s some pics when you weren’t turning 55.

In fact you guys were my age.
Aah.. Younger Mom and Dad!

Where I came from

I’m a Valentines Day baby.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I love that my parents are still in love.

Accidental Flash

So the other night I was chatting to my parents via skype with my brother. I had an itchy shoulder, so I stuck my fingers under my top to scratch. Then I see my brother turn his head from the screen and start staring at me wierdly.

Turns out, my boobs were very visible on the webcam and he as well as my mother and father got exposed to this sight!