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The Beginning

So i made a live journal today. You would know this, as you are currently reading it. I’ve never been really good at keeping diaries and blogs. I don’t see why this one is going to be any different. Time will tell I guess. This is going to be an extremely boring first post.

Many things happened tonight. I am currently digesting a Mediterranean Vegan burger and am feeling quite full and tired. I can’t be bothered to remove the camouflage tonight, so I will probably just add to it tomorrow and continue hiding the truth.

One week exactly till Christmas. I should probably go Christmas shopping.
Dirty anxious Christmas Shoppers.
Onslaught of claustrophobia.
Piercing carols by substandard musicians on repeat.
Middle aged woman on valium squawking into a microphone through a crappy 10W amp attempting to sell jewellery to anyone who passes.
Lack of parking and arrogant horn addicted ragers.

And then there is Christmas day. I love my immediate family. Really I do.
True we all clash with the Sea Captain but deep down we all stil l love one another.
It’s the rest that don’t sit so well. It’s like we are water – fresh, down to earth, abundant and clear. Fullfilling and tasty The rest are oil – slimey, highly flammable, cost more than what they are worth, littered with dirt particles. Try and mix the oil and water all you like. The oil will rise up continually, seperate themselves and lord over the water.

Christmas lunch will be ~amazing~. Being the only non meat eater once again at the table will leave me with only what I bring to the table as an option to eat. I just re-read my entry and realise I sound very cynical. Let it be. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow. This first post didn’t turn out to be quite as uneventful as I originally thought!

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