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My Surfing Girls..

So last week there was a ball, that we decided to attend. It was a red carpet event with the theme being Oscars.
Original right?

I’ve become rather close with some amazing women that I go surfing with regularly.
So we took the opportunity to push aside the wetsuits and bikini’s and tousled wet hair, and glam ourselves up for a night.

For two of them, it was promising to be a night where they might meet their potential husbands. We were looking to it for ages. Amy is good friends with a professional photographer and he asked some of us to come down to the beach before hand for a photo shoot. We should be getting the images in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to see them!

It was an amazingly fun night. All the girls looked stunning. The food was decent. The music was TERRIBLE. Seriously, who hired the dj? The last song i traditionally supposed to be the best song, and everyone gets into it, and dances their heart out before we have to leave, and he puts it on, and it’s some sort of riverdance song that no one has ever heard of, offset with a tacky dance beat.

Despite the terrible music, we ripped it up on the dance floor, and had to swat away the undesirables who were trying to pick us up.
The male talent was definitely lacking, so no husbands were found on the night. ha ha.

Shepperton to Swan Hill



View from our sleeping bags

Roadside between Cahuna and Kerang

Rob Dyer - doing his thing..

Some tit bits

I seemed to have misplaces the cable for my slr, so here are the small amounts of photos I took from my regular point and shoot camera.

He appreciates good local music

On the plane to Melbourne

Plane snack food

Apollo Bay

Apollo Pier

Cold weather

George's Kitchen


Torquay 1000 Danger Swim

Bikini Drives

The Remnants of excellent sushi

Liver tonic

Chocolate Lover's Heaven - None Vegan though

Cartlon Club with Logan, Marc and Louwie

Last time I was in Melbourne

I got to do some modelling after a very long break – like 6 years.

I’m still waiting on most of the pictures, but I have three to keep me waiting, and now you do to.



(c) Corina Jasmine Pope

(c) Corina Jasmine Pope

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How Old?

The magic of makeup and lighting. These photos are all of the same model, taken on the same day – just different techniques were used. It’s crazy how easily the truth can be distorted..

10 Years

20 Years

30 Years

40 Years

50 Years

60 Years

But how old is she really? 20..


Last Night.

Pretty Seedy Guy, glad I got the photo though.

The Hip E Club was a massive fail.


Just when I find myself getting jaded with the state of the world, and the state of people’s hearts, a glimmer of hope appears when I least expect it.

My experience sitting in the middle of the pavement with one person I knew, and practically 4 strangers in the heart of Northbridge at Midnight last night, has totally re-ignited some of my passions which disheartenment had allowed to previously make dormant.

I love having deep conversations. I love hearing people’s hearts. I love debating, and learning and trying to not only better the world, but better myself in the process.

I love the fact that everyday we get to choose how to react to our circumstances. Whether we turn the other way, or stand up for what we believe in (despite it often being more difficult), is not left to chance or social standing. It is up to us.

Yesterday was the best day I have had in a very long time.
I got up early to go and have a surf with someone I haven’t seen in a long time, and have never gone out in the ocean with. It was really good to catch up with someone who used to be a good friend some 6 years ago, when I first came to Australia knowing no-one.

I got to see her new place, a sweet old character house, right near the ocean, and met her wonderful canadian housemate. I had my first cup of coffee in my entire life. Thank goodness she had soy milk, otherwise I would have had to have had it black. It was ok, my eyes pretty much instantly opened.

Then went to a farewell picnic at Kings Park, sitting on some old couches which were found on the side of the road along the way there, in the sun, with friends, overlooking the city. There was something so freeing and so relaxing about being up there.

Headed to a photography exhibition after that in the city. entitled Earth from Above

“Earth from Above: an aerial portrait of our planet – towards sustainable development by Yann Arthus-Bertrand features 120 spectacular large-scale photographs.

Each photograph captures a particular perspective of life, human endeavour or the natural environment and is accompanied by information about the significance of the image and a brief, thought-provoking sustainability message.”

I literally spent an hour and a half just soaking in the natural beauty of the world, and reading about how we, as the human race are destroying our planet. How we, have the opportunity to take a stand and make a difference, by changing our habits – but instead the majority fail to do so due to the illness of laziness.

I met my best friend for a great vegan dinner, before meeting some friends and strangers who are now my friends at this new cafe which later led to the renewing of parts of my soul.

Where there once was disheartenment, there is now hope.
Where there once was lethargy, there is now energy.
Where there once was isolation, there is now unity.
And all it took was one moment.

When will yours be?

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