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I did a photoshoot a well back with three mates I go surfing with.
We donned some ball gowns, and hit the beach.
Here is some of the final photos…

My brother is getting married

April 2011.

The timing sucks, as there was a state hockey tour I wanted to go on, bang smack the same time as the wedding, but family comes first!

They did a photo shoot, to keep the date – as the real wedding invites haven’t been made yet.
Here are some happy snaps of the two of them, and their dog Winston.

Some slr shots

Taken between Melbourne city and the Twelve Apostles, and places in between such as Apollo Bay, Lorne, Torquay and more..

For more photos check out my facebook 🙂

Some tit bits

I seemed to have misplaces the cable for my slr, so here are the small amounts of photos I took from my regular point and shoot camera.

He appreciates good local music

On the plane to Melbourne

Plane snack food

Apollo Bay

Apollo Pier

Cold weather

George's Kitchen


Torquay 1000 Danger Swim

Bikini Drives

The Remnants of excellent sushi

Liver tonic

Chocolate Lover's Heaven - None Vegan though

Cartlon Club with Logan, Marc and Louwie


2002 -2006

Doha Day 1

You’ll have to excuse me, I am about to go to bed and haven’t slept since Sunday night.
Since then, a lot has happened – Greg and I had last minute shopping to do in Perth, he had all these documents to get certified and post off and required my assistance, we still had to pack – and were still doing so when our ride arrived to pick us up – Thanks Sarah.

We had ticket and passport complications in Perth – then I got the frisky full body search – Greg reckons I look dodgy hah. Since then we caught a plane to Malaysia where I got searched by security there too (now seriously!!), chilled for 4 hours before catching a direct flight to Doha.

Some realisations I embraced.

1. If a plane was to ever go down due to use of electronic goods by the passengers, it would be to/from an Arab country – they were using their mobile phones while we were landing and taking off. SCARY.

2. Burger King sells soymilk as a drink option. Mind you.. it tasted kind of wierd.

3. All the soycheese here contains Casein, so not cheese for me.

4. The term Vegan, is not known – but they refer to you as Hindi of the purest kind.

Some things I had forgotten but quickly remembered.

1. Arab women in the full abaya think they are better than everyone else. This includes being too good for queues and they quite happily will push to the front and get angry and look innocent when you tell them to go to the back. I didn’t but the lady in front of me got a mouthful from one of them.

2. Everything is dusty. Hello desert.

3. Qatari drivers are still the worst in the world.

4. You can never enter a public bathroom without the floor being drenched with water and the toilet seat too. They like their bottom spray hoses too much and have difficult aiming.

5. If you are a girl – you will be stared at. Within being in public for 5 minutes, I had someone yell out “I love you” to me.

6. My Arabic is terrible.

7. I can sleep though anything, including the “Calls to Prayer” which occure every few hours and are broadcasted from loud speakers from every single mosque in the country. There is one on every street.

8. I love Arabic Architecture.

Here are some photos from today.

My folks took us to the Villaggio today. Basically it’s a shopping centre which has been created to imitate Venice. The ceiling is painted like the sky – daytime and night. There is a manmade canal running through the shopping centre and you can pay to have a ride along them in the gondulas. The lighting is “street lamps” in the middle of the hallways. There was actual bits of gold in some of the flooring. I tried to take some good photos of all of this but taking photos and not getting arrested is pretty tough. Succeeded on Day1.

In case some of you were wondering, Dad accepted my hug when I arrived and he is being super nice.. I’ve mostly been covering my tatts in respect, but I know he has seen some – even though he hasn’t mentioned the topic of them. Thank goodness it is winter though, because even though it is, the humidity level is still at 90%.

Tomorrow I am apparently playing in a hockey match – despite me not bringing any gear – I don’t even have shorts or sports shoes.