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Wish you were here…


Once upon a time in Mexico

The Wasps had a party.

I got to play bar wench, with my fellow members of the LNTDC.. Tom and B..

Highlights or standouts of the night was the the Nude Mile, boat racing between teams, some of the dancing, trying to do complicated fitness stretches at 4:30am, throwing chairs into trees, lighting the big outdoor gas heaters indoors and sitting around them like it was a bonfire and the costumes..
Of course a Wasps function wouldn’t be complete without the notorious vuvezela or four…

Lowlights included a douche named Hardy, Hayley putting the alarm on without locking the clubhouse at around 6am, clean up the next morning – although it was a fun crew and good to compare stories, and being unable to keep things with Los Angeles purely to a friend zone – which we had agreed on in order to make him leaving easier, despite him leaving for good in a few hours to care for his terminally ill grandfather.


You ruin me.

Please stop taking, please stop breaking me.

Great from afar, even greater close up.

A little bit all too late though.

Singalongs, “I love that song”, drive throughs, no sleep, intimacy, common interests and more.

The Unicorn galloped towards me, and was made into a horse…. now it is preparing for it’s International adventure, away with the skies.

May peace be with you and your family…


So I’ve been asked by my hockey club to travel to Japan for 10 days in February next year.
Can one say amazing??

Just one problem… it doesn’t fall into my allocated holidays, so I have had to apply for unpaid leave.
I thought I pretty much had it, after talking to the guy incharge – he’s hockey player too,so he totally gets it..

However I got a voicemail about 20 minutes later, saying the big boss wants to meet with me on Monday to discuss it.
This doesn’t look favourable.

Goodnights and Goodbyes

This was the last evening, that we, the Skate4Cancer Aus crew were together, before abandoning the skate, and heading our seperate ways back home.

Pictured: Rob Right, Jamie Centered, Myself Left.

Taken by Erin Hogue, who was supposed to join the team, before the car accident.


So last year Break Even were luckily enough to be offered the Asian leg of the Have Heart Tour, as well as the Australian leg.

So off we headed, ASIA!
As you you probably already know, this was Have Heart’s last overseas tour, before breaking up.
They played in KL and in Singapore.
KL was an overnighter trip, so we were based in Singapore and stayed at the notorious VM’s house. Hi VM!
So there was BE, Hartley, myself, Stefan’s gf and another girl all crammed into Vm’s apartment.
Good times.

The weather was fantastic, the food cheap – the boys loved the fact that street drinking was legal, and we had a sweet time with the HH boys.

The funniest thing was not Stefan getting busted naked, mounting a concrete dolphin at a swimming pool by security guards, when the pool had been closed for the night, but how all the locals thought that Hartley was Nick from Miles Away.

The whole time we played it up. Called him Nick, mentioned MA as much as we could.
The locals frothed.

We took advantage.
Here’s a clip showing just how far we all took it.