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Big Sunday

This weekend is our annual club day at the Perth Hockey Stadium – you know – where they have held the Hockey World Cup?
All of our top teams are playing against the Pirates – who also share the Stadium as their home ground with us.

You get free entry into the arena if you’re wearing a WASPS shirt.. So get into the spirit. Vuvuzelas are welcome.
I’m on at 6pm!

Winds of Change..

So our regular hockey coach works for one of Australia’s largest alcohol dealers/suppliers and he got sent over to South Africa for the World Cup – all expenses paid.

Meanwhile, we’ve had out bootcamp fitness coach Boxy, taking us as coach, and won a total of 3 out of 4 games with him.
Much better run than with Jooce, but in his defense, we are a better team now, and it’s further into the season.

Jooce has now returned, and Boxy has been promoted to our Official Coach.
He’s great, but makes us run waaaaaaay too much.
We are all a lot fitter though.

We recently had a team bonding session at Rosemount Bowl. We were divided into three teams.
Pink, Blue and Green.

I got green, it brings out the colour in my eyes.
My first game was kinda terrible, Lets just say I’d had a big night and only gotten home after 5 that morning. My first two frames I missed everything but the gutter. Boxy, who was on my team was severely disappointed, as he wanted to… WIN!

I managed a dismal 76 for the whole game. I always make at least 100. Shame on me.
I wasn’t the worst though. Far from it. I think there was a 24 in the Pink team.

Second game was actually close, between Boxy, myseld, Hayley and Georgia, with it all coming to the final frame.
Boxy had 132. I hit an 8, and needed a spare for the extra ball to beat him, I only sunk 1, and getting 128.

Hayley got 125, and G got 122 I think.
Now Boxy, Georgia and I were all team Green. We had a team average along with Kat of 116. Not bad!

We completely owned!

Then to Grill’d for some yummy burger goodness.
Kirsten was still suffering from the hectic night we had had before.

Oh good times.

Day of Rest?

Sunday was FAR from it.

From an early morning breakfast with a friend (who had forgotten about it, and turned up an hour late), to shopping for rare ingredients in tiny asian shops, to finalising mountains of results, to baking enough coconut and lime cupcakes to feed two hockey teams, to meeting the crew for last minute hen’s weekend down south details to playing a late night hockey game.


I somehow managed the day and got to where I needed to be and with who.. now all I had to do was look forward to our big match that night. Here’s the official match report below.

Women’s Premier Alliance: Wasps 3 defeated Fremantle 1

It was a second cold and late night game, in as many weeks for the lovely ladies of the Premier Alliance Team. With the fitness fanatic Boxy, once again on the sidelines filling the coaches shoes, one could hear his now famous mutterings of “You didn’t come out in this weather, this late at night to lose” With the opponents being Fremantle who were sitting right underneath us on the table, we knew it would be a tight game. Most of the team were still all running on the exhilaration of beating UWA in the previous week (yes, EVEN a week later), and added to that we were hyped up for Kirsten who was celebrating her birthday (Note to Men – Never ask a girl about her age – the Men’s 4’s can vouch for that!)

With only two subs on the bench, and a different starting lineup to usual, we took the field. Some good quick passes through the team saw Barbie slotting in a very neat goal within the first 3 minutes of play. We couldn’t believe it, and celebrated it like we’ve never really ever scored before.. I swear it’s all those draws that we’ve had this season! With an extra bounce in our step we took the field again, knowing that we truly do have what it takes to beat this Fremantle team. For the next five minutes we played a very attacking game, doing our best to secure a short corner, as we had been practicing at training with the boys that week. It paid off, and we were awarded a short. A good push out, saw our local strong arm Sue, take one of her infamous strikes at the goals. Success. It was a GOAAAAAALLLL! So maybe I’ve been watching too much world cup action this week?

Fremantle began to see red, and there was a definite increase in the amount of pushing and getting knocked off of the ball, that we suddenly all felt. If only the umpires had seen that, and presented a red instead…ok, well… at least a green card here and there… or even a free hit for us? Just one? Not too far away from the half time mark, and error in our defense saw us have a penalty flick awarded against us. Brookey had been practicing her goal defense for moments such as this, but even she couldn’t keep out the sneaky goal in the bottom right corner.

Half time siren came, with the score being 2 – 1 in Wasps’ favour. Whilst there was no agreement between coach and captain on whether we should play the second half, as if the score was still 0-0, or play it like it actually was, one thing they did agree on, was focusing on playing to the whistle (it turns out the Socceroos weren’t the only ones in green and gold to get some poor decisions their way this week) We held possession for most of the game even when our Captain Lis got sent off with a green. We held our breath on more than one occasion as Goldfish went to try and convert some of her efforts into goals but it just wasn’t her night.

True to the nature of the Perth Hockey Stadium’s new pitch aka the Ice Rink, there were dozens of people falling, stumbling and slipping all over the field throughout the game much to the entertainment of the spectators. With ten minutes to go before we could finally feast on some vegan cupcakes and birthday celebrations, Nikita managed to slot one in, and promptly got fined for wiping a celebratory kiss from her big sis, before it even had time to dry. That’s our second win in as many weeks, and I’m sure you’re not all surprised that we think it ‘s because our regular coach Jooce is currently being merry at the World Cup.

The Underdogs

It was a freezing cold Saturday night, and we (Wasps Ladies Premier Alliance) were scheduled to play a tough match against the current league leaders UWA at 8:30pm.

Seriously… what a way to spend a Saturday night! As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was the evening of our club social, which started at 7. Hopefully it would still be going, once we had finished.

With our regular coach Jooce in South Africa working for Guiness at the World Cup, our bootcamp fitness coach, Boxy, stepped up for his first match as coach for the season. His inspiring words for us were

“It’s freezing, it’s a saturday night, we didn’t come here to f**king lose”

We knew that UWA would be fast and fit. We knew we were embarking on a battle.
We went down a goal in the first ten minutes. It was really unlucky, however we didn’t lose heart. We kept our heads up, and managed to make sure that was the only thing that would find the back of the box for that half.

We tackled hard, we talked loudly and made some hard yards.
Meanwhile we were getting egged on by my rent a crowd, John and Sarah, who had chosen this icey cold night to support us.
So with wine in their bellies to warm them up, they got rowdier and rowdier as the game progressed.

Second half was just as tough as the first one, and we still held strong.
We had begun chanting,

“Can the Wasps Win? YES WE CAN!”
to the tune of Bob the Builder.

We were itching for it.

With 15 minutes to the end of the match we finally equalised with them. It was magnificent. Now we really were in with a chance.
With a new bounce in our step, we pushed.
We found energy we didn’t think we had. We ran faster, tackled harder, yelled louder.

We wanted this.

2 minutes to go, there was a fumble in the midfield. Tash was under pressure and made a desperate attempt to get the ball to me, where I was standing just short of the half way mark.

I knew I only had one person behind me, and I saw 3 UWA players charging in my direction.
I was in a tight spot, and my thought was, don’t let them get the ball, because then they’d score.

I saw a gap up ahead, and did a hard strong pass, straight through it, and it was heading straight for the goals.
It travelled almost hald the field, where our centre forward sniffed it with her stick, claiming the deflection and hearing the thud of the ball in the back of the goals.

We’d scored, with 2 minutes to spare, against all odds.

We hugged, we high fived, we celebrated, we screamed in delight, and then we focused on protecting our lead for the duration of the game, which we did.

What a win! What an achievement!

We headed back to the club elated, and ready to celebrate, where we found our boys already drunk and keen to go out.
So I got dragged out by ten boys into the city, being the only girl to have a goodnight out.

Between you and me, things got hectic.

So many fines are going to be processed, and I’m making sure I avoid certain boys when they have been drinking, unless I’m looking for the hookup.

We left the city about 5ish, and i was to drop one of them off at his home, where I got held hostage in my car for an hour and a half. He was trying to get personal information out of me, but I was stubborn. He then was trying to get me inside his house to “spoon”. Again I was stubborn.
Eventually his bladder made him retreat and I could head home, at an unpleasant 7:30am. I had seen the sun rise.

Oh what a night!

The boys warming up, at the club, before hitting the city

Dear Hockey,

I love the fact that you keep me fit, give me enjoyment, enable me to make a range of new friends as well as satisfy my need for competitiveness and let out some aggression.


I am not enjoying watching my quads and hammys getting more and more developed in size and stature as the weeks progress.


Talk about lower body strength! Maybe I should have chosen a sport that doesn’t require you to squat for long periods of time in order to be successful.

In other news, my legs are still aching from last Thursday session, and made running in my match on Sunday uincomfortable.
This morning however after last night’s turf sesh (which went amazing, my new hitting technique is making me sold as). I feel like I have been run over by a truck.

My torso is completely aching, so much I can’t decide whether it’s my ribs, my back or my chest that’s hurting more.

Training again tomorrow.
Run tonight.

It really is a good life!

New Coach, New Team, New Terminology, New Level All Together

So our new coach is pretty tough, but knows his stuff. I’m going to enjoy him a lot (when I am a lot fitter – because right now ALL of my muscles are currently hating him).

The thing is, he’s also the coach of two of the higher men’s teams which means that we all train together.
Yup, we’re training with men.
Men who run faster than us, who hit further and quicker than us, dive, and tackle harder.
Oh and their two goalies, CHARGE at us.

His favourite term – Snowballing, which basically means… girls, find a male partner for the next activity.
I can only remember 3 of their names, out of like 20 tonight.

It’s making us girls have to work a billion times harder at training. It’s going to do wonders for our team.
Fitness here I come.

Traffic Stopper

After 7 weeks of injury and a couple of weeks living in a van, tonight I managed to take B and go for my first run in a very very long time. My fitness has pretty much disappeared, and i’ve lost my all my tone.

I only attempted the 3km, and I think I pulled it off alright. It nearly ended badly though, there was a seedy tradie in his ute, and he decided to try and check me and my dog out, and wasn’t paying attention, and the car in front of him had stopped and was waiting to turn. Said tradie, then glanced up, slammed on brakes, skidding and narrowly missed the car in front.

What a punish. As if I’m attractive when I’m running.
I have training tomorrow. This season is going to be so strange, only 3 of us from last year managed to keep our spots, everyone else got dropped. I knew this year was going to be competitive, but wow. I missed the opening match of the season last weekend, so I have to make a good impression on the new coach.

First World Pressures..

In other news, I’m investigating in getting another dog, so B has company whilst I’m at work. I’m trying to decide on what type of breed to get. Been lurking some shelter websites, and there are so many dogs needing a home.

I wish I could take them all home.