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Getting Pounced

Whilst on the couch….

Always ever present is my (mostly) bundle of joy..

My brother is getting married

April 2011.

The timing sucks, as there was a state hockey tour I wanted to go on, bang smack the same time as the wedding, but family comes first!

They did a photo shoot, to keep the date – as the real wedding invites haven’t been made yet.
Here are some happy snaps of the two of them, and their dog Winston.

I’m not a morning person

but this little guy makes me smile.

Pity he is currently shedding, and everything in my house is fluffy.. and in less than a week, he can present 60 poohs for me to pick up. No wonder my back is sore.

My Favourite Little Not Human

He’s actually pretty huge.

Roadtrips with Benny

Winter Warmer

My Lil Man

This is the one soul who I spend most of my time with.

Buzz got adopted.

Had a family come round today, to have a look at him.

Let him off the leash in the park outside our front door, the two small girls got to play ball and pet him.
Two cats came, a puppy and a large dog, and Buzz didn’t even flinch!

Such a good dog.

Such a shame, he didn’t get along with Benny.
I’m so glad I managed to find him an amazing home.

A very excited little nine year old boy is going to freak when he sees Buzz as his birthday resent tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the effect of Buzz’s absence was instant, and Benny is back to his usual happy and affectionate self again.

I love my boy.


This week I have been trialling Buzz, from SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanais).
Despite appearing to get along well with my bundle of joy initially, at home it isn’t all big smiles…

So if you’re in Perth, and are looking for a loyal friendly dog, who plays amazing games of fetch – is close to learning how to surf on a surfboard, is good on the lead and off (even when there are others around), loves cuddles.

This man is for you!!