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Day 26 : Without them, where would I be?

Day 26- What you think about your friends

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They are unique, they are loved.
They are funny, they are sincere.
They are reliable, they exude beauty.
They are spontaneous, they have integrity.
They are selfless, they are generous.
They are creative, they are smart.
They are caring, I can trust them.
They have amazing hearts.
They are my friends.

I love them very much.


There were no bells

but Clare did indeed get married to Zac.

It was a lovely event, and Clare looked stunning.
Us besties, rocked up in red and gray…

I wish you all the best Mr and Mrs Gagelar. (I’m so gonna have to get used to this–aah)

The Joys of the Web

One of my best friends (member of the notorious quartet – as our group was always referred) is getting married, and she had this lovely idea to set up a website, to keep family and friends who are unable to travel to be a part of the festivities to still feel involved.

It’s got everything from an ongoing blog, to photos, to introductions of the bridal party, to how he proposed etc etc.

It’s so cute.

Engagement party this week.
I’m so stoked for them.
Love you.

You can check it here.