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Rainy Days

Always on the lookout for new indoor entertainment.

Yes, i actually did this.

Playing Jumanji whilst watching Jumanji... Oooh!


No 1 Way to Capture a Girl’s Heart

Be a cute baby animal.

Not all of our Hen’s weekend was spent chopping wood, watching and cooing over animals and creeping up on Kangaroos.

We went to the beach, climbed some rocks, visited a winery or two, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and feasted on some amazing fresh food. We watched Disney movies, got Pygmy drunk (ha ha she thought she only had one glass of wine, meanwhile Sarah kept on filling it up), talked R Rated material and then politics.

The highlight was definitely Saturday night fro aroun 11pm till 2am, when a sight never seen before occured.
Ongy and myself strangely were both wearing tight lycra pants under our jarmies, and lycra singlets under our tops.
Best friends think alike much?

So we stripped down, till we were shiny and tight and looked particularly heinous – apparently my shiny silver tights won award for worst item of clothing. All we needed now, was Pygmy in her baggier and less lycra tights, the Bride to be, and some amazingly awesome eighties music. It all started off with some dirty dancing…

“I’ve had the time of my life”

Too many leg kicks to count, too much laughing, some interesting smells.. ha ha.. some towel whipping and thankfully a pygmy who couldn’t put the flash on (YES – No one will ever see).

Oh.. and we also had a feast!

If only it was still the weekend…

The Storm

Last night Perth had rain for the first time, since something like October/November.
Let’s just say Mother Nature made up for her absence with a huge big bang.

One of the biggest Electrical Hail Storms I have ever been in.
My lost our power and got flooded a little bit.
To be honest, we were one of the lucky ones.

Some News Excerps

Almost 100,000 homes remain without power in Perth after a major storm swept across the city on Monday, causing widespread flooding and damage.

Western Power said 158,000 homes were blacked out at the peak of the storm, at 7pm (WST).

The largest affected area is in Canning Vale, where 17,000 homes were in darkness on Tuesday morning (I LIVE NEAR HERE, AND WORK HERE)

Lightning struck in the local substation yard causing a pole to fall over on to vital equipment, cutting power to six major lines.

Lightning cut power to 9000 homes in Wanneroo at 3am, while there had been widespread powerline trips across the metropolitan area, Western Power said.

Other affected areas were Southern River, Kalamunda, North Beach, Mullaloo, Welshpool, Bentley and Lansdale.

A Western Power spokeswoman said many properties could be without power for several days.

She said the conditions had made it unsafe to switch power onto alternate routes until visual inspections could be done at first light on Tuesday.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said it was one of the biggest storms in Perth for many years, with wind gusts of more than 120km/h and 35mm of rain falling within about eight hours from 9am on Monday.

Emergency services responded to many hundreds of calls for assistance with power lines and trees down, roofs broken and windows smashed.

More than 100 residents of an apartment block in Kings Park had to be evacuated from the building after part of the hill near Jacob’s Ladder collapsed in the storm, causing a landslide on Mounts Bay Road.

Yousr Kanbour says she was next door to an apartment that took the brunt of the landslide.

She says she had no idea what was happening until a police officer knocked on her door and asked her to open her bedroom blinds.

“There was sand everywhere, everywhere outside and it was halfway filled through my window and all the mud was in my room,” she said.

People who were unable to spend the night with friends and family have slept in temporary accommodation at the Perth Convention Centre.

The storm wreaked havoc on the city with flooded roads causing major traffic delays.

Flight schedules were thrown into chaos, as were train and bus services.

The education department reported seven schools would be closed on Tuesday while Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital has called off outpatient and elective surgery appointments for Tuesday.

Cars in the hospital car park were damaged as hailstones the size golf balls rained down during the height of the storm.

The Bureau of Meteorology said more storms were expected on Tuesday but not as severe as Monday night.

The bureau’s Neil Bennett confirmed that hailstones were as big as golf balls and they “were moving at a huge rate of knots”, causing many smashed windscreens.

“You just feel sorry for people caught in it with nowhere to go,” he told ABC Radio.
The Insurance Council of Australia has declared the Perth storm an insurance catastrophe and an insurance taskforce has been established to assist damage claims.