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Day 29 – Blood ties are the strongest

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned

The value of family, and having good relationships.
It’s been so good having my parents stay with me. The fact that they are so far away and that I only get to see them once a year really makes me appreciate them a lot more than the average person, or even when I was younger and may have taken them for granted.

I’ve also learnt a lot more about gardening and types of plants, soils, flowers etc.
I swear it sounds like I’m becoming an old nana.

I’m still in my twenties! Promise!


I called it..

Yep… Guess who is chickening out… or maybe I should say, holding out…
I’m just not having total peace about it all.

I have 4 weeks to completely decide when he flies back into Perth.
I’m hating everything about this.

Once upon a time in Mexico

The Wasps had a party.

I got to play bar wench, with my fellow members of the LNTDC.. Tom and B..

Highlights or standouts of the night was the the Nude Mile, boat racing between teams, some of the dancing, trying to do complicated fitness stretches at 4:30am, throwing chairs into trees, lighting the big outdoor gas heaters indoors and sitting around them like it was a bonfire and the costumes..
Of course a Wasps function wouldn’t be complete without the notorious vuvezela or four…

Lowlights included a douche named Hardy, Hayley putting the alarm on without locking the clubhouse at around 6am, clean up the next morning – although it was a fun crew and good to compare stories, and being unable to keep things with Los Angeles purely to a friend zone – which we had agreed on in order to make him leaving easier, despite him leaving for good in a few hours to care for his terminally ill grandfather.


You ruin me.

Please stop taking, please stop breaking me.

Great from afar, even greater close up.

A little bit all too late though.

Singalongs, “I love that song”, drive throughs, no sleep, intimacy, common interests and more.

The Unicorn galloped towards me, and was made into a horse…. now it is preparing for it’s International adventure, away with the skies.

May peace be with you and your family…

I had an interesting conversation yesterday

Actually it was pretty one sided, and I was the one awkwardly listening.

I have some decisions to make.

If only we’d had this conversation a few months ago, it would have been so much easier.

Once a Cheater… always a Cheater?

This week a friend(let’s call her Karen) confided in me, about how one of her best friends and her boyfriend cheated on her.
Something so gutworthingly wrong, and yet people still seem to think it’s an ok thing to do.

Three of us were there discussing what had happened, another friend (let’s call her Joan), myself and the Karen.
The conversation that followed was really interesting.

It seems, that the best friend who had done the terrible deed, had now been made an outcast in that particular friendship group, and none of them considered her a friend and wanted to talk to her again.
It wasn’t only because of her being with the guy, but because she had blatantly lied about it to all of them of the incident, and still wasn’t telling the full story.
Karen believed this former friend deserved everything that she was getting, and that there was nothing she could do, to fix the situation and make any of them friends again.
She refuses to see or speak to her again.

Joan however was arguing that Karen should give the friend a chance to explain, to make amends, and to apologise.
She was defending the friend and believed that Karen and her other friends were being too harsh and should be more sympathetic about the whole situation.

I just kept my mouth shut, not knowing how I felt about it all.
It was so interesting to watch such close friends have completely different viewpoints on the same scenario.
Which stance would you take?

Outcast the friend?
Forgive the friend, because she feels bad and is only human?