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Myself and the girls have certainly upgraded in luxury since we last did the Traditional Hen’s Weekend Down South. The place we had this time was HUGE! Massive plot of farm land, massive old house with fire place (our favourite), three bedrooms, two lounges and two bathrooms. MAGIC. Had enough beds for 9.. We are SO going back.

Here is where we spent out time.

Now, some of you might remember a few months ago, I was travelling across Aus with some lovely Canadians from Skate 4 Cancer. Well, the whole time they were on the road, they were looking for kangaroos, and NEVER saw one. Jamie from The New Beat, is convinced they are made up. This video of a small portion of the kangaroos which were in our yard is for them.


Being a light in a world of darkness..

Good causes.

There’s so many out there, and they are all always on the look out for some willing hands and bodies to help get involved.

Too many of us focus on themselves, and not enough on others, their community or the world in which they live in.

Living in Australia, we truly are blessed.
We truly are in the minority of people who actually have a good shot at life.
In saying that, there are still so many needs within Australia that need to be met.

What are you doing about?
What can you do about it?

I’m a firm believer about trying to help others to the best of my ability.
I know that I’m pretty busy, and that I don’t have loads of money I can donate, however that still doesn’t stop me from trying to get involved and help.

In most cases even an hour or two of your time a week, is regarded as a life send for many of these organisations, and greatly appreciated.

In the past year I’ve aligned or aided the following organisations in numerous ways.
Either donated money regulary, going on fundraising trips, holding bake sales and donating the proceeds, going on awareness missions etc..

I’d appreciate it if you took the time to look into some of these worthwhile causes.
Beyond Blue – The National Depression Initiative
Paws People and Animal Welfare Society
Riverview Children’s Foundation Providing options for the world’s forgotten children
The Royal Flying Doctors An aeromedical health service for those who live, work or travel in outback and regional Australia.
Safe -Saving Animals from Euthanasia
Skate 4 Cancer – Creating awareness and preventing Cancer
World Vision Addressing the causes and consequences of global poverty.

As well as supporting friends who took the challenge of growing a mo for Movember
Recently a guy I know, went even one step better and has created his own company, Home is where the Heartaches which is going to help address those in need. It’s an amazing thing that Tyson Daniel is doing and I’d love it, if you took the time to check out his website, and even one step better, help support him in the form of buying a t-shirt of which proceeds will be used to help educate and aid those who are dealing with/experiencing Depression.
I got this shirt in the mail yesterday, and will be wearing the hell out of it, to get this awesome cause out there.

It’s not hard to make a difference. and it doesn’t cost a fortune either.
Every cent and minute counts!

Goodnights and Goodbyes

This was the last evening, that we, the Skate4Cancer Aus crew were together, before abandoning the skate, and heading our seperate ways back home.

Pictured: Rob Right, Jamie Centered, Myself Left.

Taken by Erin Hogue, who was supposed to join the team, before the car accident.

That’s all folks..

So, you heard it here first.
The skate 4 cancer, australian skate is over.
It’s the first time that the team has not finished an across country skate.

Why now?
Well, Rob got sideswiped by a car and damaged his groin. The clutch of the van then blew.
Recovery for the van = 1 week.
Recovery of Rob = 4 – 6 weeks..
And then the outback awaited… Just wasn’t worth it.

Here’s the video to find out more…

Have heart though, the Aus skate will begin again March 2011..
Stay tuned for more..

Tonight is my last night with the skate 4 cancer team, before we depart and fly out to our respective homes tomorrow…
It truly is bittersweet.

I’m gonna miss this.

This doesn’t look good friends..

As opposed to being some 50kms past Renmark, we are now in Northern Adelaide due to horrible unforeseen circumstances.

It appears that hit and runs still occur on Australia’s roads, and today we were victim of this.

This is what was released today…

I know many of you are wondering why there is an extra blog this week. I wish it was to post better news, but I still wouldn’t call it bad news, especially considering what happened. Allow me to explain.

Sometime during the mid-morning of Wednesday, April 14th, while skating the tail end of the 150km uninhabited stretch of highway A20, Rob was side-swiped by a car. It appears that while driving the long, straight stretch of barren highway, someone lost focus, or control, or both, and swerved into the bike lane, knocking Rob off his board. By the time we got to him with the van, he was standing, which was a really good sign. Once we had him in the van, it was clear to see there were no immediate or life-threatening injuries. Luckily, it was the side of the car that knocked Rob, not a direct hit, which could have been much worse. The only damaging injury that seems to have resulted from the accident is a pulled groin.

We’ve made our way to Adelaide to get Rob checked out at a hospital, since he is having a fair bit of trouble walking and the pain seems fairly intense. We’re keeping our fingers crossed it’s not anything worse, but for the time being I think it is safe to say there won’t be any skating for a little while.

Considering the speeds involved in the accident, and the narrow margin by which a direct hit was avoided, a pulled groin isn’t what I would call bad news. In fact, looking at what went down, I think Rob is a pretty lucky guy right now. But he doesn’t feel that way, and frustration and disappointment on his face is clear to see. He wants to be skating, not icing a strained muscle.

Over the next few days we will be visiting the hospital and Doctors to try to get a sense of what the exact injury is and how long Rob will be out of commission. In the time being, keep checking the blog, and keep sharing the Drop-In Center video. We’ve cleared 10,000 views in 3 days, which is a truly amazing thing. I know watching those hits go up gives Rob a real boost, so there is nothing better anyone can do for him right now than to keep pushing that video.

Jamie + The S4C Team

S4C Drop In Center

For every 100 views, this video gets, C1rca will donate $1 towards establishing a Skate 4 Cancer Drop In Center..
We already have over 5000 views…

In other news, the locust infestation is ridiculous.

We are surrounded by thousands of them every moment of the day. They are swarming into us.
The front of the van is completely drenched in bug juice.

Thank goodness we installed netting in our van, so we can still have the door open for some fresh air.
The nights have suddenly gotten colder, and I’ve got the worst flu.

Hating not being in a warm bed, whilst I feel like death.

Hoping to get to Adelaide on Friday, and maybe hit up the Ruiner/Hopeless Show.

We have a LOT of km’s to cover before then.

I will be using this number this week 0457 028 550, whilst on the road..
Feel free to send us nice messages.

Much love.


So we made it through the night and found a free roadside shower.
It was ok, if you don’t mind crickets flying into you, mid way through.

First shower in ten days! Thank you, I smell gorgeous:)

today’s plan: get the hell away from here.
Destination: mildura- population 30 000. Our biggest town for ages.

I hope they have my favourite juice!