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If my school was Hogwarts, then I’d be Filius Flitwick.

I’m now officially HOH (Head of House) of the best house (being blue), called Flynn.

I’m seriously stoked about this adventure.


Ever wonder what my classes are like?

Just a snapshot of one of my classes – this one is my year 9, technical graphics class.

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Giving Back.

So, some of you may know that I have been playing sport competitively since I was 6. In my “career”, I have had a multitude of coaches and managers.
People who have selflessly given up their time to develop and input into the lives of those younger. True Local Heroes.
Until recently, I have only been coaching sports at school (Year 8 and 9 boys; Year 11/12 Girls and Boys), as well as running a two surf clubs – one school based, and one open to the general public.

However recently I have volunteered my services with club hockey. At the moment, I’m the person who takes the turf training when the regular coaches have work commitments, and I get to take the 7/8 girls and the 11/12 girls.. which is pretty fun, plus I love turf.
Next year it looks like I’ll have my own permanent team, probably the 9/10 girls.

I have however applied for a state managerial role for an upcoming tour, which would be awesome if I got, as I will get to travel to Darwin, a place in Australia I have yet to travel to. It might however clash with a planned end of season trip to Bali, with the boys from Wasps – a place I have also yet to travel to.

Meanwhile, I have also applied for a leadership position in the house system at school. They’ve never had houses before, and it starts this term, and I’m in the running. Would be an excellent opportunity.

Only time will tell.

A Week of Inappropriate Comments

I don’t know what it is, but kids have been saying the wierdest things to me this week.
What am I doing differently? AAH.

At first it was this.

Student: Do you do illegal things?
Me: No I don’t, why would you think that?
Student: I dunno, you just look like you would.

Then it progressed to this.

S: You’re a milf aren’t you?
M: Do I look like I’m anyone’s mother yet?
S: But if you did have a kid, you’d be a milf..
M: Do you realise what that actually stands for, you know the I?
S: Oh No, I didn’t mean me, I meant in general.. Like… Um….oh S^&*

Both year 11 students, male.

I then had a year 9 boy, go..
I love you… not inappropriate love, but in a I love my teacher kinda way.
That’s okay isn’t it?

Finally, a year nine girl yesterday.
ILY miss. That’s ok isn’t it… Cos it’s not a creepy actual love… but it’s ILY…

Oh man…
The things kids say.

First Day..

I pull into the work carpark, and haven’t even gotten out of my ride, when I have some of the kids frantically waving at me with big smiles on their faces.

This is what makes my job worthwhile..

Feels Good Man.

Climbing to reach that ceiling.

So yesterday I got given an opportunity at work, where I have increased responsibility, which will lead to further advancements in my career.

I was so stoked, that I have been considered and entrusted with this new responsibility and am looking forward to additional things which they will be throwing my way, because this will help me reach my career ambitions.

I’m in charge of organising the year 10 camp.

How good is that?
The deadline they gave me yesterday was short. I have two weeks.
At 7am this morning, I was informed, because venues are getting booked out quickly, I had until lunch time today to finalise the camp. That was an hour ago, and I had classes non stop today.

Believe it or not, I succeeded (still don’t know how?) and things are looking good.
I just have to complete all the risk management stuff (pages and pages of it), and start allocating staff, preparing schedules etc etc.. but now that things are booked, it’s just mountains of legal paperwork to complete.

Hope the kids are going to love what I’ve prepared for them 🙂

Actually stoked.. Plus, I’ll get the water activity as I will be the only one with bronze medallion and aquatic rescue qualifications.

Hello summer 🙂

Dissection of the Queen Bee

This week, has been my first week back at work, and we’ve been sitting in lots of seminars this week, many of them not maintaining any attention from me whatsoever.

One however started off pretty boring, and I proceeded to write programs and booklets whilst it was being run, however something near the midpoint (an hour into it) caught my attention.

We were asked to dissect the Queen Bee. Look at all the popular girls in the school, and list the common characteristics.

This is her profile.

Blonde (usually fake)
Long hair
Average academic ability
Extroverted and loud
Breaks the school rules
Heavy make up
Drinks heavily on the weekend

Interesting how superficial how some of the girls still are.

Whilst looking at the boys, the popular ones possess the following.
Six pack
Has excellent rapport with the “cool” teachers

I’d much rather be a boy in our school than a girl just based on the above formulas for successful inclusion.