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Self Expression

My friend, Corina – an artist, finds this her means of dealing with life, of expressing her emotions.

This is a recent bit of work she created.

Her Tent

Inside her tent

Self Portrait

She’s got a website, you can see some of her work here.
You might even see yours truly in some of it.

Where I came from

I’m a Valentines Day baby.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I love that my parents are still in love.

Veggie Love

So I stumbled across the latest Peta campaign. They’re getting just a tad bit saucy or “salty” these days don’t you think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Sex Sells

Seriously.. it’s getting ridiculous. They are even portraying little boys in an attempt to sell iq tests on the internet with noticeably sexual movements. I hope the effect isn’t lost because I couldn’t grab the flash animation, although I managed to grab a few shots to show progression.

Shame on the world.


Classroom drama laced with New York Imitation. 
Crying, Hiding, Backstabbing, Straining and Vulgarity. 

Overcoming the urge to sleep I arrived more than fashionably late to a sex conference.
And left sufficiently later with a phone number.




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