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S4C Drop In Center

For every 100 views, this video gets, C1rca will donate $1 towards establishing a Skate 4 Cancer Drop In Center..
We already have over 5000 views…

In other news, the locust infestation is ridiculous.

We are surrounded by thousands of them every moment of the day. They are swarming into us.
The front of the van is completely drenched in bug juice.

Thank goodness we installed netting in our van, so we can still have the door open for some fresh air.
The nights have suddenly gotten colder, and I’ve got the worst flu.

Hating not being in a warm bed, whilst I feel like death.

Hoping to get to Adelaide on Friday, and maybe hit up the Ruiner/Hopeless Show.

We have a LOT of km’s to cover before then.

I will be using this number this week 0457 028 550, whilst on the road..
Feel free to send us nice messages.

Much love.



Got a new deck.

I need to make it rideable. Some new parts.

Some elbow pads will definitely come in handy.

Not siked on fracturing my elbow anytime again.

Brain Fried

Writing new music can be a bitch. Today it actually gave me a headache.

After playing in a hardcore band for so long, I forgot how to write riffs and segments that weren’t heavy.
Despite the sun shining at an amazing 25 degrees outside today, three of us transformed my lounge room into a rehearsal/recording studio and remained indoors all afternoon.

The hard work was worth it. Hopefully soon we’ll have a whole set and I’ll be able to be back on the stage again, doing what makes me happy.  

As soon as the current procrastination subsides, conversion of the second lounge into a band room will commence, just like at our old house. Those boxes from the move should still be unpacked soon I suppose.

Summer will be great at our new place. It’s in a great area, close to amenities, the freeway, good friends, the river and the skatepark is on our road, less than a 5 minute skate away.  We also have two spare bedrooms which will hopefully be filled with faraway friends and bands travelling over here.


Life is full of goodness. After whinging I felt a bit bad. So here is a whole bunch of things and moments that have made my life amazingly worthwhile and happy, and will continue to do so.

Roadtrips, family, good food, big swell and surfing it, picnics, best friends, interstate trips, puppies, skateparks and crew, house shows, touring, playing shows, Melbourne, dress ups, pranks, dance floor singalongs, psyche out pool, isolated beaches, fun times, summer, camping, work, sports teams, sunny days, good music, beach hangs, board games, late nights, Veganism and starry warm nights.