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Giving Back.

So, some of you may know that I have been playing sport competitively since I was 6. In my “career”, I have had a multitude of coaches and managers.
People who have selflessly given up their time to develop and input into the lives of those younger. True Local Heroes.
Until recently, I have only been coaching sports at school (Year 8 and 9 boys; Year 11/12 Girls and Boys), as well as running a two surf clubs – one school based, and one open to the general public.

However recently I have volunteered my services with club hockey. At the moment, I’m the person who takes the turf training when the regular coaches have work commitments, and I get to take the 7/8 girls and the 11/12 girls.. which is pretty fun, plus I love turf.
Next year it looks like I’ll have my own permanent team, probably the 9/10 girls.

I have however applied for a state managerial role for an upcoming tour, which would be awesome if I got, as I will get to travel to Darwin, a place in Australia I have yet to travel to. It might however clash with a planned end of season trip to Bali, with the boys from Wasps – a place I have also yet to travel to.

Meanwhile, I have also applied for a leadership position in the house system at school. They’ve never had houses before, and it starts this term, and I’m in the running. Would be an excellent opportunity.

Only time will tell.


Not your average girls…

My best friend is a soccer player, I am a hockey player.
An observer would probably call us” tom boys”, we prefer to call ourselves “well rounded”.

So I mentioned that our house had a fire place, which meant we needed wood. LOTS of it.
Insert suburban girls learning the art of cutting wood. In Sarah’s case a first, in my case – a change from using table saws, band saws and drop saws…

The result – some really good entertainment value.

World Cup Personal Leagues

So, for every Major Sporting Tournament, Survivor and Amazing Race Series, our office has a competition.

We all get allocated teams/people, and the losers (or first eliminated) usually have to do something for the first and second place (in the past it has been baking cakes, doing duties, cleaning out fridges etc..)

We just finished our Heroes Vs Villains Comp (I came 5th with Rupert), and now we are onto World Cup Madness.

I was absent the day the teams were allocated, and came back to work to find I had South Africa, Algeria and Cote D’ Ivoire in my clutches.
Seriously…. this had to be rigged. There was no chance I was gonna have a hope in hell in winning.
I threatened to not play and burn my teams papers.

Then all of a sudden come Monday morning this week, I find that I have gotten England instead of Cote. (from the guy that had England, Germany and France – hmm.. it really was a fair comp)
I was like, did I get given them after the USA match?
So… Go England… ha ha…

Otherwise I’m in Horsnells Fantasy Football League.
There was an error with the saving of my team, and somehow Messi (who is one of my star players) ended up on my bench, thus scoring me 0 points, when it should have been 9.

After the Brazil game last night, I have gotten a fair few more points and am sitting second in the log. With Messi’s points, I could have been first. SIGH.

One more game to go, and all my players would have played a match.