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Wish you were here…


At first sight

It’s weird you know.. attraction…
You see it in the movies, someone walks in, another spots them and instantly falls in love.

Yeah right, like that actually happens in real life.

Well.. I have a bit of a confession to make.

Earlier this year, I saw someone. I didn’t know his name, age, occupation, personality, anything really.
But wow! I felt myself instantly attracted to this man.
He hadn’t seen me, and didn’t even know of my existence.


Then one night, he spotted me from across the room. I hadn’t noticed, but my friend did. Apparently he was looking over in my direction for a good half hour. That was before my friend and I had left, me still completely oblivious. We were going to the local pub, and within ten minutes of us getting there, who should walk in, but him and his mates.
Within minutes he had made interaction, and you know what, his personality was amazing.
Turns out he was foreign, with an accent, and we had very similar tastes in pretty much everything we talked about.

Insane. At the end of the night, he needed a ride home, and we felt so at ease with one another, that it wasn’t long before we were belting out car karaoke, as if we’d known each other for years. He even liked the same music as me.

It wasn’t long before we were “dating”, but it was short lived. A family member of his was dying from cancer, and he had to return home, on the other side of the world. We still keep in contact. He still makes me laugh, and is so easy to talk to, and is still amazing.
The only time I get to see him these days, is watching him on foxtel, because his occupation is a Professional Sportsman, and he represents his country and is amazing at it.

Tough Times. At least I get to regularly boast about the warm weather that we are having here, whilst he’s freezing his ass off, currently in Europe. heh heh…

But what terrible luck!

Pinch and a Punch

Gosh it’s July already…

The mornings are freezing… at a lovely 1 degree. Training at night until sometimes 9:30pm is getting cold. It’s worse when it rains.

I have two night matches this weekend. 8:30 on sat, and 7 on sun – there goes my weekend… so tomorrow night is going to be the big one..

Found an old skate deck in my garage from the time I did the Extortion Australia Tour back in Jan 08 i think..
Deliberating whether to put wheels on, or sand it up, and paint the crap out of it..

I think perhaps paint it. Saw Callum’s video and it’s inspired me to do more art, plus my Mindsnare Deck could do with some company on the wall.

In other news, an established band has asked me to be a part of their band. They are definitely no where near as heavy as the last band I was in, but I really like their style, and they definitely have the potential to crack the market effectively. The only problem is, the amount of touring that they would have planned.

I’m just not sure I can commit to that amount of time being on the road, especially with the careers I have at the moment. Ah, the decisions.

Second Place

So I didn’t really finish my post previously on this year’s State Youth Games.

From the title. you can see that we once again got second place, and hurray a trophy.
The team that beat us, once again had practically double the amount of competitors than we did, thus entering in more events, so per person in the team, we really were the winners.

We won the Indoor Soccer for the first time ever, and it was the most competitive sport ever.
We had gotten a terrible draw, and had to play the two best teams in the comp.

We drew 0 – 0 with Kingley, and managed to sneak in a goal to beat Churchlands by 1-0.
We drew another game, that we should have really won 0 -0, but luckily smashed Imprint an impressive 5-0.

Thus will an infinite goal average as no goals were conceeded (even when I was goal keeper for a game), we found ourselves in the final against Churchlands.

It was tight. We were equally matched. Both teams had no female subs which meant us girls had to play the entire time, and had played every minute of this tournament so far.
I had to visit the first aid station after every game for all of my injuries sustained (I’m still trying to grow back some skin on my knees), so we were all pretty tired.

It was a physical and quick game. We had more shots on goal, but their goalie was good.
Half time, it was 0-0.
Full time it was 0-0.
Extra half time 0-0
Extra full time 0-0.

So now we have penalty shootouts. Every person on the field has to shoot, and the goalie cannot be swopped.
This was nerve racking.

However we managed to sink three into the back of the net, and they failed to get even one, and we were declared champions.

Still no goals conceeded. We won the sport we had always wanted to win, convincingly.

On a less than happier note, I didn’t manage to retain the tennis title. We lost in the quarters to the eventual winners (even though we were equally matched) due to time restrictions, and it was going with service, and we were receiving.

Great Weekend. We’re super stoked to come back next year with an even better team.
Can’t flipping wait!

First Training Back

So it’s been six weeks since I pulled my right calf during a 4km daily run.

I finally got the clear from my sports physio and tonight was going to be the first time I would try to run, and my first session back at hockey training.

Getting there was interesting enough.
The aftermath of “The Storm”, saw me leaving home earlier than usual to account for traffic lights not working. They weren’t, and I managed to still arrive a little early.

The field was so strange to look at. Most of the trees were leafless.
The field was covered in bright green leaves of every shape and size. There was so many broken branches lying everywhere.

We went for our warm up run round the double oval, having to hop over branches and wade through thick layers of leaves.
It felt so surreal, and was so quiet – like something devastating was about to happen.

As the sun setting was illuminated across the river and the freeway, we noticed that the field wasn’t getting any brighter.
Turns out our floodlights got damaged by the storm.

So we had to modify our training severely and try and move to a tiny patch of ground which had some secondary light from the golf course across the road. We were battling as it was, to try and stop the balls, see the balls and not get hit by said balls, as well as not trip over leaves and branches.

Then the golf club switched off their lights.

End of training.
Lots of new faces. I don’t know any of the new people’s names yet.

My calf is looking good though, and my dodge toe seemed to hold up (after a trip to the doctor and a hit of liquid nitrogen).

Time Occupiers

So I offered my skills and services to the sporting industry. Every week I coach two teenage sports teams.

Girls Touch Rugby and Boys Super 8 Cricket.

My Touch Team is actually good. They just sometimes get panicky near the try line.
Our last two matches have been really close.
I’m predicting a win next week.

My cricket team lost by two runs last week (they should have won, and were winning, but got out on the last ball – which means they lost three runs, thus losing by two. )
Yesterday however they got THRASHED. It could have been the heat (40 degrees) but really it was because the other team had many skilled cricketers in their team, and their field setup was impeccable.
My whole team got to chow down on some free ice creams just before the game which they lapped up eagerly.
Was kinda embarrassing though when our captain went to do the toss, and had an ice cream mustache on.

Did I mention how much I love umpiring both said sports in 40 degree heat?
Well I am now, with a heavy veil of sarcasm.

Kids are loving it though. One of my cricket boys yesterday asked if he could give me away at my wedding.
A) Not getting married any time soon
B) No boyfriend
C) That’s my dad’s job.

So he’s settled for the position of altar boy, as long as the flower girl is hot (which he later changed to has personality).
I love my boys.

In other news, my hockey trials are in two weeks time.
I’ve been out with a calf injury for two weeks today, and I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to start running/training again.
I’m just going to have to push myself, so I can have some of my fitness back, and make a top league team.

So much pressure, and to think I was doing so well before this injury.

This is a risk I take

I joined this facebook group today.

Some of the dangers of the sport I love and play. If only I had remembered to take photos of some of the hideous ones I have had along the years.

Fat lip, fractured arms, torn ligaments, bruises the size of bowling balls with dimple imprints, the shape of a stick on my butt for 2 weeks after being hit by one, shin splints, dislodged ribs, shoulders popping out, broken fingers, being hit in the head with a stick… the list of injuries I have gotten from this wonderful sport continues..