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You want me to do WHAT?!?

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I had an interesting and fairly unusual situation with a child and their parents at work this week.
I’m not legally allowed to write here what happened, but let’s just say that I’m more than happy with the way I handled it and the final outcome.

My workplace thought I was fantastic too, which is always a bonus.
So much stress, holidays still just that little too far away..


Time Occupiers

So I offered my skills and services to the sporting industry. Every week I coach two teenage sports teams.

Girls Touch Rugby and Boys Super 8 Cricket.

My Touch Team is actually good. They just sometimes get panicky near the try line.
Our last two matches have been really close.
I’m predicting a win next week.

My cricket team lost by two runs last week (they should have won, and were winning, but got out on the last ball – which means they lost three runs, thus losing by two. )
Yesterday however they got THRASHED. It could have been the heat (40 degrees) but really it was because the other team had many skilled cricketers in their team, and their field setup was impeccable.
My whole team got to chow down on some free ice creams just before the game which they lapped up eagerly.
Was kinda embarrassing though when our captain went to do the toss, and had an ice cream mustache on.

Did I mention how much I love umpiring both said sports in 40 degree heat?
Well I am now, with a heavy veil of sarcasm.

Kids are loving it though. One of my cricket boys yesterday asked if he could give me away at my wedding.
A) Not getting married any time soon
B) No boyfriend
C) That’s my dad’s job.

So he’s settled for the position of altar boy, as long as the flower girl is hot (which he later changed to has personality).
I love my boys.

In other news, my hockey trials are in two weeks time.
I’ve been out with a calf injury for two weeks today, and I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to start running/training again.
I’m just going to have to push myself, so I can have some of my fitness back, and make a top league team.

So much pressure, and to think I was doing so well before this injury.

Work Awkwardness #69

Calling up a male student’s mum, to tell her, that he darling son was caught viewing porn on the computers at school during class time.

I mean, can a conversation be any more awkward?

I probably shouldn’t have ended the phone call with “Have a nice day”.
She just nervously laughed in reply.

A little Note..

So I got this letter today, from a bunch of students at the school in year 9. (the apparent feral year)
It really made me day, even though it was so simple.

Basically each person wrote one line of what they thought of me and this is how it went.

You’re a nice teacher and you always look and dress nice unlike other teachers.
Miss _______, You’re such a cool teacher. The best. Don’t change! xxx
You have a great sense of fashion and you’re nice and patient with kids.
Cool teacher, makes class so much fun 🙂
Really cool teacher and the best!
Kind and understanding
Best teacher to the maximum fun!
Cool teacher, makes class fun.
Awesome teacher
You are a kind and good teacher.
You’re a great teacher
You’re a wicked wood teacher. lol. 🙂
You are the coolest person ever. MWah.
You’re an awesome teacher and it’s really easy to feel comfortable around you.
I can trust you when I can’t trust anyone else.

Makes my heart totally swell… and makes up for the fact that teachers aren’t the best paid employees around.

I can’t wait to see what they are like when they graduate and our young adults.

Worth it.

A lot of people give me crap for being a teacher. Especially considering my qualifications and past job offers. 

The one thing I really love about it, is the relationships.
No boys, I’m not talking about dating my students…  because that’s gross and severely desperate.

I love the fact that I am there to help nurture and grow a whole bunch of people, and that I can be a part of something great and see how some amazing young people grow from a little 11 year old to a full grown adult, chasing their dreams, and making a difference.I guess I’m not your typical teacher in that I see my students out of school at lot. At the skatepark, at hardcore shows, I take the girls ball dress shopping, surfing trips etc. I’m so glad that I can genuinely be involved and enjoy every minute of it along the way. 

I have a massive Banksy Beggar poster in the back of my classroom, I love to inspire. I love to challenge. I love the friendships I make along the way.

The best part is catching up with ex students a bit further on, as friends, seeing how they are doing, life in general. It’s such a fulfilling part of the job.

I have some serious ex student hangouts planned soon. Frankly between you and me, I can’t wait.

Famous Face of Surprise

I can’t go anywhere these days without hearing the words “Miss”.

May it be the city, the shopping centre, a show….
I’ll always hear that pubescent high pitched squawk of at least one, if not more – of my students.

I’m glad they feel comfortable enough to want to hang with me out of school hours.
I enjoy it.

Today I went into the city with my best friend Sarah. She was buying Wii stuff for her newly married brother, and I bought a purple dress (still undecided whether or not it clashes with my bright red/orange hair). Together we sat in the sun on the side of the street, wind gently blowing in our hair, with the bartender bringing us each a glass of wine. Hers an ice cold glass of sweet white. Mine a slightly chilled Shiraz.

I then had work. It went well – except when Phil nearly stepped on his spectacles and the fact that it was a live tv record, and my stunned face is now going to be shown in more than 30 countries.

Afterwards our group went for a dinner picnic near the skatepark in Leederville. Dines and I have planned a good dinner with some fellow muso folk. I can’t wait. TWo weeks till holidays!

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