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My Surfing Girls..

So last week there was a ball, that we decided to attend. It was a red carpet event with the theme being Oscars.
Original right?

I’ve become rather close with some amazing women that I go surfing with regularly.
So we took the opportunity to push aside the wetsuits and bikini’s and tousled wet hair, and glam ourselves up for a night.

For two of them, it was promising to be a night where they might meet their potential husbands. We were looking to it for ages. Amy is good friends with a professional photographer and he asked some of us to come down to the beach before hand for a photo shoot. We should be getting the images in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to see them!

It was an amazingly fun night. All the girls looked stunning. The food was decent. The music was TERRIBLE. Seriously, who hired the dj? The last song i traditionally supposed to be the best song, and everyone gets into it, and dances their heart out before we have to leave, and he puts it on, and it’s some sort of riverdance song that no one has ever heard of, offset with a tacky dance beat.

Despite the terrible music, we ripped it up on the dance floor, and had to swat away the undesirables who were trying to pick us up.
The male talent was definitely lacking, so no husbands were found on the night. ha ha.