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I have this.

Apparently I’ve been suffering from this for a decade now, ever since I got thrown over a cliff by a horse on family holidays in the Drakensberg Mountains.
My snowboarding injury in Japan a few weeks ago has made my condition severely worse.

I’m getting an MRI tomorrow – slightly petrified as I am claustrophobic, to ensure nothing is broken and that nothing more is damaged.
Looks like my treatment will be the invasive injections filled with cortisone for 12 – 18months.


Repair – Mend – Restore

So I went to visit the hairdresser last week. Now, I normally do my own hair, but when I do get someone else to do it, I go to my friend – who owns an awesome salon.

Normally I love what she does, this last time I came off second best. What should have been a fairly quick trip, ended up seeing me there for 5 1/2 hours and missing band practice because of it. 😦 I had to stay an extra hour or so because my hair ended up turquoise and black – so not appropriate for work.) She then had to bleach the hell out of the blue – to which I had an allergic reaction and broke out in rashes everywhere that were so damn itchy.

To make matters worse, my hair is in such terrible condition (i’m scared for it’s safety) – only parts of it , but it sucks so much because I am used to having really good healthy hair.

So right now, as I type – I have step 1 of a reconstruction program in my hair. Since I don’t have a heating lamp – I have my hair bounded in clingwrap and I am sitting with my bedside lamp inches away from my head.


Step 2 still to go. Since my hair is more than one colour, I have to partition each block and keep it separately the whole time. Should it really be such an effort? Envying guys right now.

I just want my normal nice hair back.