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We don’t have meat here, only flesh

A new spin on promoting Veganism.


Sharing Meals

So important, and so damn impactful.

Every now and then, I go out with some year 12’s to a vegan restaurant, just to hang, live life, and eat good food.
Most of them are meat eaters, and it’s one of the few times they will eat vegan for that month.

I think that I have been given a really good opportunity to reach those who are younger than me, and speak into people’s lives, not necessarily just on Veganism, but in life in general.

To be their friend, be their tower of strength, be that guiding force and be that idiot who tells really terrible jokes.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Guess that mean’s “No More Ears”

Mike Tyson, has gone Vegan.
This is amazing news, however he is still racing pigeons on an Animal Planet Episode.. What?

As linked by Ines

-The 5 Dumbest Things to Ask a Vegan

Q: So no dairy, eggs, nothing? Do you eat fish?

A: Okay, Einstein, what part of “I don’t eat any animals don’t you get?” Most people assume fish are animals, right? Do you think they grow on trees? In the ground? (If they flash you a puzzled look, it’s time to leave the room).

Q: Isn’t part of our nature to eat other animals? I mean, if a lion had the chance, he’d surely eat me. (Chuckle, chuckle)

A: That may or may not be true, I’m not a expert in Cro Magnon Man’s eating habits. But what I do know is that lions also incestuously rape their offspring and many times, kill them when they’re young. So according to your logic Mr. Spock, your nature must also tell you it’s okay for you to get nasty with any of your family members. That is, of course, when you’re not trying to kill them. Could I have your address and phone number, I think your family is in danger.

Q: Why do you eat those fake meat products? You must really miss eating meat.

A: No, I do not miss eating dead animals. I eat whatever tastes good to me. If it happens to be a meat analog, then so be it. They have tons of protein and I can get wacky crazy in cooking with them. I haven’t had bloody flesh in so long, I doubt if I remember what it even tastes like. So, Mr. Freud, I’m not trying to replace meat at all. Let me ask you this, do you eat meat because you miss eating all those fake meat products? Huh, smarty?

Q: If everyone just stopped eating meat, what would happen to all the cows? They’re only here to be eaten.

A: They’d probably make kick-ass pets. And just think how happy they’d be knowing no one’s going to torture them or take their children away or kill them after driving them in packed metal trucks through scorching heat. Oh and the wonder of walking Elsie through the neighborhood on her designer collar and leash. Paradise, I tell ya, paradise.

Q: So I take it you’re against hunting? You know, if we don’t go out and hunt to keep the population down, they’ll starve to death. You don’t want that, do you?

A: Yes, I am against hunting unless maybe you’re in the cross hairs. The population of wild animals starves because we keep grabbing more of their land for our god-awful, ugly ass, gigantic, energy-inefficient homes. And, Mother Teresa, since you are so sympathetic toward starving animals, maybe we could start killing off all the starving children in the overpopulated parts of the world. Surely, if you want to help various animal species, you would want to do the same for humans? Right?

I don’t necessarily agree with all of the responses and how sassy they were, but it was worth a laugh.

Birthday/Housewarming/World Vegan Day

I took the opportunity to invite my close friends to spend the afternoon with my brother and I in our new house.

I love the fact that in order to get to the city we have to cross two different rivers, drive past a massive lake in a regional park, and slowly drive past a tortoise crossing.

I also love the fact that right outside my front door is a park.

I baked up a feast and we had an afternoon tea/bbq.
Everything I provided was vegan and mostly gluten free. Did not know how many people to expect but there was plenty for everyone.

This was just the counter in the kitchen, that I had prepared.


Stuffed Olives, Strawberry Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, Choc Chip Brownies, Sundried Tomato-Spinach and Cheese Muffins, Gourmet Salad, Corn Chips and Salsa, Garden Salad, Tiny Pastries and More

For some, it was there first experience with Vegan food. I’m happy to say they were impressed, and are keen to borrow some recipe books. Hurrah!

I hope you all enjoyed and celebrated Vegan Day in your own special way.

Some facts you should know..

If you have the time to watch this, please do.

Time is the Enemy

I much prefer it when hardcore AA shows are on Sunday afternoons. It just isn’t possible for me to bake my brownies and cupcakes and cookies for my Vegan Bake Stall for Friday night HQ shows.

I didn’t end up even making the show last night – It’s a real pity because I heard it was actually pretty decent.

Even though you couldn’t buy food to help raise money for Beyond Blue(Aiding those with Depression) and for Paws(Fighting Against Animal Cruelty), I still urge you personally get involved and donate some money anyways. EVery little bit helps.

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