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Round 20 and 21.

Men’s Premier 2’s Lost to YMCC 2-1

Last week we had a tough even battle  – the stuff of legends – against a top ranked team, so close it made the 2-1 loss even more infuriating.
It showed us that despite our location on the ladder, we really are a good team who can challenge the top teams.

We had a Tuesday midweek game over at Shenton this week and it was almost as if history was repeating itself. Some superb dominance from Zeus at the front saw him rewarded with the first goal on the scoreboard. However with exactly one minute to go till half time, YMCC just like our opposition from the previous week, came back with a goal of their own to even it all up at 1 all at half time.

The thing with losing the lead just before half time means that we’re in the change rooms sitting there frustrated and disheartened, whereas our opposition is now pumped with a renewed sense of “we can do this guys – let’s win”.

The second half saw some great performances from TC our Mug winner and our captain Domby and we had some opportunities in the form of 3 shorts and some field goal attempts however it was YMCC who converted their short with 20 minutes to go who would eventually come away as victors. Special mention goes to Lachy for being yellow carded for trying to pick on the female umpire – shame on you. She would have none of that. A close game and a disappointing result.

Men’s Premier 2’s Lost to Suburban 3-2

It was the our second match for the week, and our second last one of the season. Sitting in ninth, it was essential that we secured a victory against the 11th ranked team namely Subs.
This looked promising in the first half with Viner slotting in a field goal ten minutes into the match. We were the stronger team and this should have been an easy one for us to win. Despite us knowing that our weakness is letting in a goal just before halftime, we STILL managed to let one in against us 5 minutes before half time. 3rd match in a row we’ve let the other team equalise just before half time. Once again 1-1 at half time.

Ten minutes in, once again a goal was scored, but this time by Subs. 2-1 down and the bench was starting to get angsty. It took not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 short corner attempts for us to finally convert a goal and it was a Squibb push to the bottom right corner. Sub’s goalkeeper was the same one as for the 1’s match and he really was having an amazing day.Matty Sweetman on our side was having a blinder and got nicely rewarded with the mug for the game. We managed to hold out against two of Subs’ corner attempts and then Lachy got sent off with a yellow card, his second one this week to put us a man down with ten minutes to go. This was just the edge that Subs needed and they scored a breakaway field goal while we were a man down with 6 minutes to go.
Our trapping was poor, our marking was a little bit average and our communication needed a lot of improvement. It was these basics which saw us throw away the match in the second half to see the final score at 3-2 against us.


Big Sunday

This weekend is our annual club day at the Perth Hockey Stadium – you know – where they have held the Hockey World Cup?
All of our top teams are playing against the Pirates – who also share the Stadium as their home ground with us.

You get free entry into the arena if you’re wearing a WASPS shirt.. So get into the spirit. Vuvuzelas are welcome.
I’m on at 6pm!

Winds of Change..

So our regular hockey coach works for one of Australia’s largest alcohol dealers/suppliers and he got sent over to South Africa for the World Cup – all expenses paid.

Meanwhile, we’ve had out bootcamp fitness coach Boxy, taking us as coach, and won a total of 3 out of 4 games with him.
Much better run than with Jooce, but in his defense, we are a better team now, and it’s further into the season.

Jooce has now returned, and Boxy has been promoted to our Official Coach.
He’s great, but makes us run waaaaaaay too much.
We are all a lot fitter though.

We recently had a team bonding session at Rosemount Bowl. We were divided into three teams.
Pink, Blue and Green.

I got green, it brings out the colour in my eyes.
My first game was kinda terrible, Lets just say I’d had a big night and only gotten home after 5 that morning. My first two frames I missed everything but the gutter. Boxy, who was on my team was severely disappointed, as he wanted to… WIN!

I managed a dismal 76 for the whole game. I always make at least 100. Shame on me.
I wasn’t the worst though. Far from it. I think there was a 24 in the Pink team.

Second game was actually close, between Boxy, myseld, Hayley and Georgia, with it all coming to the final frame.
Boxy had 132. I hit an 8, and needed a spare for the extra ball to beat him, I only sunk 1, and getting 128.

Hayley got 125, and G got 122 I think.
Now Boxy, Georgia and I were all team Green. We had a team average along with Kat of 116. Not bad!

We completely owned!

Then to Grill’d for some yummy burger goodness.
Kirsten was still suffering from the hectic night we had had before.

Oh good times.

Training Buddies..

So every week, our team has the pleasure of training with the 4’s and 5’s men. This is because we all share the same coach, namely Jooce.

It’s amazing for us, because they really push us to work harder and run faster and play better.
On thur night, there’s normally about twenty of them, and four of us.
They all know our names, and we hardly know any of theirs. Makes it awkward when you have to call for the ball and communicate.

So Tash and I went to support the boys on their friday night match. We managed to between us, work out all their names, and watched some good hockey.
It was freezing cold, but luckily i took a blanket. The boys drew.

Here are some photos of them in action.


Look who made it in the news…. Bowls….
What a game!

It's gotta be yellow

The Opening Seasonal Party for the Wasps.