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The Tough Guy Award

So some of you would know that I’ve been managing the Wasps Premier Alliance Men’s hockey team for 2010.
We have our brownlows coming up, and one of the awards is the Tough Guy Award.

Basically in one of our matches, there was a stick check between one of our players BJ2 and a Melville defender.
Basically it ended up in the Melville’s players stick snapping in two on impacts with BJ2’s stick, and both pieces went soaring through the air at head height through the Wasps attacking circle, one half narrowly missing our own wing, Scoobs’ head. It actually skimmed the top of him.

We had to hear from weeks on end from Scoobs who narrowly missed death.
Two weeks later, we had a match at the same venue, and we found one of the pieces of the destructed stick lying on the side of the field.

Now this was a very expensive and impressive stick.
So we kept this half as a reminder, and I have been asked to mount it as a trophy to be awarded to BJ2 for his destructive efforts.

Here is my masterpiece

PS. The inside of composite hockey sticks are REALLY FREAKING cool!!


Ear Pleasurer

This week, I got to catch up with a good interstate friend in the form of Mikeh or Carcass, otherwise known as the drummer of The Middle East. Yes, I’ve raved about them before. Mikeh as always was good to me, and secured me entry into yet another amazing festival his band was playing in.
This time it was On the Brightside, and I even scored catered lunch backstage with the bands… we still don’t know what that yellow stuff they served us was? giant cous cous perhaps? It was gross regardless.

The Middle East as always was superb, here’s a snapshot of one of their songs I got on my iphone, with guest appearances from Mumford and Sons.

I had to leave early to play a hockey match, but a special pass saw me seeing and falling in love with these guys all over again.

I love this song so much!

Here are some memories, and how good is watching the bands from the actual stage, and being able to look out upon the crowds. AMAZING!

Thank you Mikeh. I loved seeing you again!

No Roosters, Just Hens..

We helped fellow team mate Tash, celebrate her last night of singleness last night, in the hired upstairs of Carnegies. The theme was wigs, so we all looked incredibly tacky in our shiny synthetic dos.

Our car all became blondes, and poor Hayls had to hobble, as when she and I had filled in for a lower team yesterday, she had rolled her ankle and it was seriously HUGE!
No drinking for her… or dancing either (except for her occasional chair dance moves).

The $700 was exhausted by 9pm. at 9:30pm they let the general public up, and now there were lots of men.. and some very drunken wig girls around.
I escourted Kat to the bar, where she started talking to some boys whilst I was getitn sodas… I thought it was kinda weird she was being so friendly as she is engaged and getting married soon. Little did I know, she was trying to pick them up for me. ha ha ha.
I was so oblivious. Not keen though. Too soon!

Was a decent night.. Our carload were the sober, respectable girls of the evening, but we still ripped up the floor and had a good time.
It’s our club day today, and we gotta be there at 11:30am to set up at Perth Hockey Stadium. Our match is at 6pm. It’s gonna be a long day, and hopefully most of our team still won’t be drunk for the Hen’s night, by the time we have to play.

Ps. Our goalie is DEAD. She woke me before 8:30am this morning…
Revenge will be sweet,

Giving Back.

So, some of you may know that I have been playing sport competitively since I was 6. In my “career”, I have had a multitude of coaches and managers.
People who have selflessly given up their time to develop and input into the lives of those younger. True Local Heroes.
Until recently, I have only been coaching sports at school (Year 8 and 9 boys; Year 11/12 Girls and Boys), as well as running a two surf clubs – one school based, and one open to the general public.

However recently I have volunteered my services with club hockey. At the moment, I’m the person who takes the turf training when the regular coaches have work commitments, and I get to take the 7/8 girls and the 11/12 girls.. which is pretty fun, plus I love turf.
Next year it looks like I’ll have my own permanent team, probably the 9/10 girls.

I have however applied for a state managerial role for an upcoming tour, which would be awesome if I got, as I will get to travel to Darwin, a place in Australia I have yet to travel to. It might however clash with a planned end of season trip to Bali, with the boys from Wasps – a place I have also yet to travel to.

Meanwhile, I have also applied for a leadership position in the house system at school. They’ve never had houses before, and it starts this term, and I’m in the running. Would be an excellent opportunity.

Only time will tell.

Big Sunday

This weekend is our annual club day at the Perth Hockey Stadium – you know – where they have held the Hockey World Cup?
All of our top teams are playing against the Pirates – who also share the Stadium as their home ground with us.

You get free entry into the arena if you’re wearing a WASPS shirt.. So get into the spirit. Vuvuzelas are welcome.
I’m on at 6pm!

Happy Birthday B

We celebrated at a local wine and tapa joint.. Was an enjoyable evening and ended up costing us a whopping 75 dollars each.
Her family was away, so we made sure that we made her feel special..

I love my hockey girls…

In other news, I’ve been commissioned into training some of the junior girls wasps teams at their turf training at the stadium. Should be fun – here’s hoping I learn their names pretty good.

Once upon a time in Mexico

The Wasps had a party.

I got to play bar wench, with my fellow members of the LNTDC.. Tom and B..

Highlights or standouts of the night was the the Nude Mile, boat racing between teams, some of the dancing, trying to do complicated fitness stretches at 4:30am, throwing chairs into trees, lighting the big outdoor gas heaters indoors and sitting around them like it was a bonfire and the costumes..
Of course a Wasps function wouldn’t be complete without the notorious vuvezela or four…

Lowlights included a douche named Hardy, Hayley putting the alarm on without locking the clubhouse at around 6am, clean up the next morning – although it was a fun crew and good to compare stories, and being unable to keep things with Los Angeles purely to a friend zone – which we had agreed on in order to make him leaving easier, despite him leaving for good in a few hours to care for his terminally ill grandfather.