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I do

The beautiful Bonnie, finally got to say “I do” to her man recently, and this is the totally amazing stop motion video of their wedding and reception. Talk about feel good.

Hope you love it as much as I do.


My brother is getting married

April 2011.

The timing sucks, as there was a state hockey tour I wanted to go on, bang smack the same time as the wedding, but family comes first!

They did a photo shoot, to keep the date – as the real wedding invites haven’t been made yet.
Here are some happy snaps of the two of them, and their dog Winston.

There were no bells

but Clare did indeed get married to Zac.

It was a lovely event, and Clare looked stunning.
Us besties, rocked up in red and gray…

I wish you all the best Mr and Mrs Gagelar. (I’m so gonna have to get used to this–aah)

Our tradition..

Not much longer now, till we fulfill our tradition of going down south for our core group’s HEN”S WEEKEND.

The first one to get hitched was Chantelle almost 3 years ago.
This is the tour of our pad!

Clare, you’re next!!


Due to illness, injury and some unfortunate personal circumstances, I found over the last two years I have become a hermit.
Friday nights is traditionally stay at home with Benny and watch movies night. Saturday nights, often the same.

However I have furthered friendships with some pretty amazing people, through sport.
I have been spending a lot of time with some of the girls from my hockey club, namely Bianca and Kirst and they are doing their best to get me back up to speed.. Sometimes three times in one week!

Otherwise it’s the lovely ladies I know from surfing. The likes of Larissa, Amy and Briony.

JUST AS EXCITING, my best friend Sarah has finally flown back from India. It’s good to have her back after nearly three long months.
So good to see her face all the time. Oh and the HUGS!

Next weekend is our traditional Girls Hen’s Weekend down south, as Clare gets married in a few weeks.
Just the original crew, who I have been doing life with, since I moved to Australia.. back when we were all scrawny teenagers.
Clare, Sarah, Chantelle and Jess… It’s going to be amazing!

Clare's Getting Married!

Currently listening to Mgmt - The Youth

Let's KISS her!

The Crew about 7 years ago

Family News

So things are being quite busy with my brother and his new family to be.
As some of you may be aware, he’s engaged, and in exactly a year, will be married to his current Fiance Gayle.

The Engagement party is one week away, and I’ve been commissioned to make the cakes… YEW!

Meanwhile, there little bundle of joy has been keeping them occupied. He swallowed and passed an ENTIRE sock over a 5day period. Gross. Winston, you are a handful.

The Evidence

In other news, my brother continues to enjoy discovering outfits that Gayle has previously worn for dancing concerts, and wear them himself.

This is a wedding right?