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Never say no to Panda

Brilliant – It’s become a trend in our class. We even have Panda pictures on the classroom walls.


You want me to do WHAT?!?

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I had an interesting and fairly unusual situation with a child and their parents at work this week.
I’m not legally allowed to write here what happened, but let’s just say that I’m more than happy with the way I handled it and the final outcome.

My workplace thought I was fantastic too, which is always a bonus.
So much stress, holidays still just that little too far away..

Letter to myself…

Here’s the envelope.

My Little Quibble…

I probably should be working, but do I care right now?


Let’s just say, the month of October, has pretty much been a write off for me.
I have a doctors note spanning the length of 4 whole weeks, (including some of September), all because I acquired Severe Sinusitis.

Oh goody.

This ensured I wasted my entire school holidays and missed a week of school on either side of the holidays.
I had to stay in bed, went through mountains of boxes of tissues, battled to breathe and fought to not die on two occassions, emulate arabic taxi drivers and their “out of window spitting antics” but for me into a cup, not eat much, get lonely and be bored to death.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a break.

I’m slowly on the recovery now, still struggling at times, but I’m in the real world.. trying to live my life..

Day 12

Something you never get compliments on.

Uh.. things I don’t do…?

WOW.. You’re so slutty…
Man… you’re so funny when you get high!

ha ha..

But in all seriousness, I get extremely under appreciated at my current place of work.
It’s actually frustrating and has affected my morale in the workplace and my desire to do my best, because my best never seems to be good enough.

The Tough Guy Award

So some of you would know that I’ve been managing the Wasps Premier Alliance Men’s hockey team for 2010.
We have our brownlows coming up, and one of the awards is the Tough Guy Award.

Basically in one of our matches, there was a stick check between one of our players BJ2 and a Melville defender.
Basically it ended up in the Melville’s players stick snapping in two on impacts with BJ2’s stick, and both pieces went soaring through the air at head height through the Wasps attacking circle, one half narrowly missing our own wing, Scoobs’ head. It actually skimmed the top of him.

We had to hear from weeks on end from Scoobs who narrowly missed death.
Two weeks later, we had a match at the same venue, and we found one of the pieces of the destructed stick lying on the side of the field.

Now this was a very expensive and impressive stick.
So we kept this half as a reminder, and I have been asked to mount it as a trophy to be awarded to BJ2 for his destructive efforts.

Here is my masterpiece

PS. The inside of composite hockey sticks are REALLY FREAKING cool!!