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It’s been a long eight year journey but finally I am getting my Australian Citizenship on such a cliche day..

26 January 2011

Australia Day


It’s going to be a mad rush getting a passport straight after that, as I leave for my stint in Japan about two weeks later. Exciting Stuff..



I always suspected I had a unique relationship with my physio, but today it was confirmed.

I’m going to Japan mid Feb, he’s going to Mexico and Las Vegas with friends near the end of Feb and has asked if I want to meet up and travel with…

Kinda cool… but totally won’t be able to squeeze it in with work. 😦

Today when taping my shoulder up, he got some of my hair stuck in there… before i could even try and get it out.. “Snip SNIP snip”, he chopped it off (he threatened to cut some of my hair off on Monday, because I have more than him and he’s jealous) and was like… heh heh… told you I’d cut your hair..

Funny guy…
He then called me goth because i was wearing black and white, and not my usual bright colours to match my “bubbly” personality…

Revenge I must plot.. ha ha..

I’ve grown up with the travel gene.

Being the daughter of a ship captain, pilot and tugmaster, it’s no surprise that since I was even an infant, I have been travelling all over the world. How many friends can say that they used to live on their dad’s ship between some mainland countries and some more exotic island countries?

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

I’ve decided to share a few.

This blog won’t be updated for at least two weeks

Currently on an epic trip, which you might have read about in the West Australian, or seen on Channel Seven News.

If you need to get hold of me, call my mobile, and you’ll get my new contact number whilst I am in the Ningaloo Reef, alternatively contact my brother for the number.

Take care.


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

So my brother and I are saving up for a trip to America this year.

My saving has been going amazing, esp after exhausting a lot of my money on my six week trip over Dec/Jan to Qatar and Australia’s east coast.

However this week, I will be saying goodbye to 1100 of my money to an unexpected expense.

After years and years of waiting for British Immigration Legislation to change, I can now easily apply for my British Citizenship and Passport. That above mentioned amount is how much Aussie Dollars I have to pay.

At least it means that when I travel, I don’t have to pay for a million visas, and that I don’t have to line up in the “other countries” line at airport security and passport check thus reducing my sometimes 3 hour wait to a mere 15 minutes.

I will now be more able to travel, but have less money to do so – for the time being.


have tickets to most of these already, and looking forward to going.

Samsara, Dropsaw and Ma
Gorilla Biscuits
Soundwave 09
Boys of Summer 09
The Bronx

Oh and Doha, Qatar.

Swimming in Reverie

The Summer to come. It’s Beginning.

Best Friends

The Beach


Bike Rides

Late Nights

Summer Anthems





Heaven. 😉