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Pinch and a Punch

Gosh it’s July already…

The mornings are freezing… at a lovely 1 degree. Training at night until sometimes 9:30pm is getting cold. It’s worse when it rains.

I have two night matches this weekend. 8:30 on sat, and 7 on sun – there goes my weekend… so tomorrow night is going to be the big one..

Found an old skate deck in my garage from the time I did the Extortion Australia Tour back in Jan 08 i think..
Deliberating whether to put wheels on, or sand it up, and paint the crap out of it..

I think perhaps paint it. Saw Callum’s video and it’s inspired me to do more art, plus my Mindsnare Deck could do with some company on the wall.

In other news, an established band has asked me to be a part of their band. They are definitely no where near as heavy as the last band I was in, but I really like their style, and they definitely have the potential to crack the market effectively. The only problem is, the amount of touring that they would have planned.

I’m just not sure I can commit to that amount of time being on the road, especially with the careers I have at the moment. Ah, the decisions.

This is Amazing.

He makes this art using only nails.

True Genius!

Self Expression

My friend, Corina – an artist, finds this her means of dealing with life, of expressing her emotions.

This is a recent bit of work she created.

Her Tent

Inside her tent

Self Portrait

She’s got a website, you can see some of her work here.
You might even see yours truly in some of it.


2002 -2006

Super Money

Some sketches a friend, Joshua Jordan Noordijk did on some money.




Insane Hand Art


My first attempts from last year.

CD Cover Design

Self Portrait